Review Policy

Fiction and Non-Fiction books are currently being accepted for review. After reading this policy, you may contact me at tammycookblogsbooksdothotmaildotcom. I accept print ARCs and final copies.

Reviews are posted on, but not limited to this blog and various other sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and Goodreads. They may be posted on any combination of the previously mentioned websites unless you request otherwise. Since I belong to several book review sites, I write reviews as per their guidelines so you will see a variety of posted reviews.

Reviews include information about the author, a short summary, my thoughts and/or reactions to the book, where I received the book, and my rating. If it is a cookbook, I include the aforementioned and a recipe from the cookbook that I tested out, along with and my own picture of the made recipe and my thoughts about it. This is an example of what a Cookbook Review will look like. Here are examples, Example1, Example2, of what a Fiction Review will look like

Please note that past reviews may or may not reflect this format.

Book Review Ratings
5 books - excellent
4 books - good
3 books - average
2 books - fair
1 book - poor

Accepting Fiction in the following genre:
Cozy mystery

Accepting Non-Fiction in the following genre:
Christian Life
Crafts, Home & Hobbies
Family Life
Mom Life
Relationships & Dating
I will read and review books that are considered family-friendly, clean, and/or have sweet romance. I am happy to review books that are part of a series. I reserve the right to accept or decline a book for review, even after it has been received, if it does not meet the criteria mentioned. Acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. Sometimes I come across a book that I cannot finish and therefore prefer not to write a review.

I prefer at least two months time prior to the book’s release date will be needed to read, write, and schedule the review. Please consider this when contacting me. I will write an honest review of the book. If I do not like it for whatever reason it will be reviewed in a courteous and respectful manner as I explain why. 

Be sure to include the following with your initial email:
Your Name
Book Title
Pub Date

Please know that you will not receive a response to emails that do not meet my criteria or are not in the genres stated unless I want to learn more about the book. Reviewing books is not my job. I do it as a hobby and a way to let others know about all the great authors out there and the books they have to offer.

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Updated February 2016