BookReview Overshadowed by Vannetta Chapman

Overshadowed by Vannetta Chapman

When I first read Vannetta Chapman's Shipshewana Amish Mysteries trilogy, I never imagined in a handful of years or so I would be reading the prequel of a dystopian series that she has also penned. I think jumping from Amish Fiction to Science Fiction & Fantasy is quite a leap and Vannetta has landed on her feet with ease. Overshadowed is the short story introduction to Vannetta's newest series, The Remnant.Visit Vannetta Chapman.

As soon as I starting reading Overshadowed I was very quickly drawn into the story. In the book, the government knows that a solar flare has the potential to disrupt life as everyone knows it. Agents are sent out to various areas to assess the situation. Gabe and Lenora are neighbors and witness an event from two very different perspectives. There is a preview of Deep Shadows, the first novel of The Remnant series also included. It starts off with four friends who are out hiking and what they encounter changes everything.

Overshadowed is a very good short story. It sets the stage for an action packed, life-sized adventure in the next books of the series. Reading the preview of Deep Shadows got me wanting more! I liked all the characters I read about and couldn't wait to start Deep Shadows after getting a taste of what was going to happen. Be sure to check out Overshadowed - a  quick read, faith-filled, dystopian story that will have you grabbing for the next book in the series.

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BookReview Overshadowed by Vannetta Chapman

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