Making Your Home A Haven 7th Annual Fall Challenge

Making Your Home a Haven 7th Annual Fall Challenge ~ Source:
Welcome back to the 7th Annual “Making Your Home a Haven” Fall Challenge! If you’ve been around a while – you know all about this series and might already have your candle going right now!  I can’t believe we have been doing this for 7 years – it’s been such a life changer!
Is your calendar full? Do you feel tense, rushed and even panicked at times? Do you feel like the rest of the family is feeling the same way? I believe we can create a physical environment, as well as a spiritual environment, that can bring peace, harmony and a sense of calmness to our homes if we are willing to be intentional.
I got my Cinnamon Apple Pie Candle ready to welcome the kids home from school. Visit to learn more about Making Your Home a Haven.

Making Your Home A Haven
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