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I had hoped to do a weekly update about #1 and her 11 country, 11 month mission trip with the World Race but I haven’t had much contact
with our daughter in the last two countries and really didn’t know what to write. I am so glad that she sent an update to church recently that I can share with you.

#1 is currently in country 3, month 3 of her World Race Mission Trip. The following update is about country 2, month 2. I also checked her total for fundraising, as she mentioned it in her update. She is now at $15,163 of the $16,562 goal. Wow! That total is an answer to prayer, she is almost to her full fundraising goal. Her dad & I are so thankful for all of God's provision in every aspect of this mission trip. I do ask you to pray for the whole squad because of the heaviness and oppression that they are feeling in the area they are staying now.

From #1, In Her Own Words:
// Hello!

I just want to let everyone know that I really appreciate all of their donations. I am so, so thankful for your support. The total to date is $14,275 and I need $16,562 by mid-April. So roughly $2,290 left to go!

This past month, we’ve been in a village about half an hour away from (the country’s) capital. Our host is a pastor and his wife, who are originally from the States, but decided to move about 7 years ago. Similar to my experience last month, I have been exposed and had the chance to experience several areas of ministry.

They farm, growing maize, green beans, onions, garlic, strawberries, and various other fruits and vegetables. They also have chickens that they raise to get eggs. They are also big on aquaponics, which is such a neat way to farm because it uses water from fish tanks to fertilize plants rather than soil.

The World Race - School Children
School Children
Source: World Racer
We’ve spoken and sung at church, helped lead a Scripture Union club every week at the primary school, taught preschoolers basic things such as the alphabet, numbers and colors, held a movie night for children within the village, and put on a family fun day for the community. On top of all of this, our main project has actually been construction – laying the foundation for a dormitory that our hosts are going to use for future missionaries like us. Construction hasn’t been easy, but it has been a great experience for the 7 of us girls. Women doing men’s work is totally counter-cultural, so it was quite a shock to some locals but I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far. There was a team of guys from a Bible college that was with us for about a week and a half and it was really neat getting to met and interact with them.

The World Race - Dorm Construction
Dorm Construction
Source: World Racer
I would also like to ask for prayer. My current team is made up of 7 girls – all who have bonded and gotten along really well. However, next month is all squad month, which means 40+ people in my whole squad will be together for the entire month. After that, sometimes there are team switches and all of the girls on my team are kind of nervous about it because we work so well together. I’d just like to ask that the Lord provide a sense of peace within each of us regardless of whether we’re switched around or not.
The World Race - Living Arrangements
 Living Arrangements
Source: World Racer
I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the people and the culture here and am sad to be leaving soon. Next month we’ll in (another country), but I don’t know any details yet. Once I do I’ll let you know. I doubt we’ll have internet, but I hope to be able to contact you at least once.

Grace and Peace //

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