The World Race - Week Six, Is It Morning Yet?

The World Race
The World Race
"Hi Mom" and "I like it a lot here!" - these are the the only things I have heard from #1 since she has been at her second destination of her
11 month, 11 country World Race mission trip. That is going to have to be enough for this mom to make it through until her next communication with us. There has been very little opportunity for her to use wifi to talk/text and that's the way #1 is anyway - speak less, think more.

#1 really is a person of few words when it comes to conversing. Unless, of course, it involves close friends. Although, she does like to write with a lot of words! She recently put up a quite wordy and enjoyable blog post. She talked about her chronic pain and Psalm 30:5 where it tells us that there may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning. A morning with joy that turns into a life of joy, that is my prayer for her!

I have seen quite a few pictures posted by my daughter and her teammates since she left in January. The best thing about those pictures is the smile on her face. It was obvious when she was home that she was struggling to be happy, which is not even close to being joyful. I am thinking what I am seeing now in those pictures is joy. Wow, you don't know exciting that is! 

Thanks to being Facebook friends with her teammates and their parents I have learned that my daughter and her team have had a challenging but good few weeks in their second country. They helped lay the foundation for a floor of a dorm, mixing the concrete by hand. They are sleeping in their tents and making their own food. They get up early to help with chores on their host's property - harvesting crops, like lettuce, corn, and green beans. They are also feeding chickens and collecting their eggs.

Over the past few years, #1 has been struggling with what to do with her life. To make her feel better about it all, I have to ask, who doesn't at times? And being complacent is never a good place to be either. She really didn't enjoy the major that she studied in college. But... it laid great groundwork for what she is doing now on the World Race. Since she as been gone, she has gained a clearer vision of what to do with her life. She was telling me about possibly doing something she once said she would never pursue. She is also on the lookout for opportunities, after she finishes this mission trip, where she travels. She is making plans. 

Proverbs 16:9 A man’s heart plans his way. But the Lord directs his steps. If we are following God with all our heart, soul, and mind, we can trust that if we do something, make a plan so to speak, and it is not in His will that He will lead us (our steps) down another path. Going on this mission trip is part of God's plan that He directed #1 towards. I have never seen a brighter smile on her face than I have in the pictures of her over the last few weeks with the World Race. What He has planned next for her? I certainly don't know, she may or may not have an idea. But we both can trust that as she makes her plans and continues on with life that God will direct her as she is looking for the path He is leading her towards, which includes a joy filled life!

//The World Race is all about sharing the love of Jesus in many ways, you can learn more here. If you want to learn more about God's love for you and knowing Jesus check out this and this.//

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