The World Race - Week Seven, I Was Getting Seasick!

The World Race
The World Race
This past week we haven't had any contact with our daughter but we almost did. Almost. This almost connection brings to mind two Bible
verses, James 1:6 and Psalm 46:10. 

To make a long story short, I got two calls on my previous phone (I recently got a new number and phone). I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer. After looking at it more closely, I realized that it was an international call from the country that #1 is in. I had two choices to make at that point. Trust God or start to fear. The fear came into play because in my mind I had no idea why #1 would call my old number knowing I don't use it. Something must be wrong and someone was calling the old number from outdated contact info to let me know - that was my head talk. There I was being tossed back and forth on the waves of doubt from like the person from James 1:6 asking for wisdom but then doubting it will be received

I didn't feel I could just ignore that someone was trying to reach me. But I didn't also have to get some dramatic with my thoughts. I figured out what to do to find out why I was getting those calls. Each step had me doubting, then realizing that I needed to trust, then doubting, then trusting God was holding my child in His hands no matter what. I figuratively was getting seasick from all the waves of doubt that were tossing me to and fro.

I knew in my heart that God was telling me to be still, to wait for the call I was told was coming, and not to dwell on what could be wrong but to trust Him. So I sat and calmly waited for our daughter's squad mentor to call. Finally, I got the call on my old phone. My heart was pounding so hard my ears were thumping. I reminded myself God is taking care of everything. I had to tell her to call back on the new phone number because I had very few minutes left and would probably lose the connection. I felt like I had to swallow my heart to answer the phone again. Trust, trust, trust I echoed in my head. I don’t remember the person’s name I talked to; I barely remember everything she said. When I heard that it was actually #1 calling me on the old phone my heart rejoiced. I found out that she was calling home because her sister had surgery. Somehow she didn't know that I was using the new number. She must have told someone she would pay them back for the call because she doesn’t have a phone with her. I was told that she was concerned about her sister and wanted to find out how she was doing. Wow, I really jumped to the wrong conclusions based on nothing!
When I even thought of something being wrong with my daughter, my heart began to race. I had to keep going back to the fact that I am trusting God with her very life. It was a battle in my mind to keep trusting 100% of the time because fear would take over if I let it. I was quit annoyed with myself for even letting fear enter the picture. But I realized that even though at times I was fearful, I ultimately realized I needed to trust God. John 4:18 ...Perfect love casts out all fear. God's love for me is perfect, my love is not. Because of this love of His I was able to push fear aside and trust in His goodness and love.  It wasn't until I started writing this that I realized I was following Psalm 46:10 while waiting for that call. I have recently read a book that talked about Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. God will be who He is no matter what I do. I am glad that He showed me how to be still and trust Him.
If you have read the week six update you may recall I wrote about my daughter and her team having a challenging but good few weeks in their second country. They helped lay the foundation for a floor of a dorm. I was recently found out they are actually helping build the whole dorm. They are sleeping in their tents and making their own food. They get up early to help with chores on their host's property. At the beginning of this week they took a fun trip, which included a 12 hour bus ride one way to see a spectacular landmark, something they could not pass up since they are so close. That is all I know for now. Well, that and the fact that trust is way better than fear! I am looking forward to hearing and seeing all #1's team has experienced and done while showing God's love to others while in country #2, month #2 of their World Race Mission trip.

//The World Race is all about sharing the love of Jesus in many ways, you can learn more here. If you want to learn more about God's love for you and knowing Jesus check out this and this.//

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