The World Race - Week Two, God & Wi-Fi

Up Early Ipod Convo ~Source: tammycookblogsbooks
Source: tammycookblogsbooks
The picture above is part of an ongoing message conversation #1 and I have been having since she has arrived at her first of
11 destinations in 11 months during her mission trip with the World Race. We have learned about her team planting trees that will be cared for while they are there, of them helping out at an after school program, and also about some time that was enjoyed visiting a nursing home while ministering to the residents there. We heard about all of this thanks to our ipods and Wi-Fi.

It is not always guaranteed that she will have access to Wi-Fi in all the locations that she travels. Because of this we purchased an international plan with our cell phone company. With that plan we were supposed to be able to call or text her,  regardless of whether there is Wi-Fi or not. Notice I said "supposed". I have spent too much time on the phone with our cell provider trying to figure out why we couldn't get a hold of her through calls or texting with our cell phones. The funny thing about this whole situation is that the company told me that #1 had to call them herself to be able to troubleshoot the problem with her phone. Did they not hear me tell them that she cannot make any phone calls?

No one else on #1's team has a cell phone with an international plan that she could use. They are dependent on only Wi-Fi to be able to contact their friends and family. I am having the pleasure of talking with some of their families through a Facebook page set up for parents of those currently doing the World Race. I was looking forward to being able to tell them what was going on with our girls' team by learning about it through texting with #1 when there will be no Wi-Fi available.

Through a little research (and prayer) I found an app for the ipod that made it possible for #1 to call our cell provider to figure out why her phone was not working internationally. God lead me to the right app because all the apps I was finding required that the person being called also had the same app installed, which our cell provider would not have.

We have come to find out that #1's phone cannot be used in the countries that she is/will be in. I am a little annoyed at our cell provider for not realizing this when we set up the international plan while she was still here in the US. I am happy that she is currently in a place where she has Wi-Fi and we can communicate. But there may come a time when she is in a country with no Wi-Fi access and we won't be able to communicate to her. This is where one of the many great things about God comes into play. He doesn't need Wi-Fi to communicate. He is still going to be talking to us and #1 the whole time she is away from us, Wi-Fi or not. We can ask Him to continue to let her know that we are praying for her and thinking of her. He has actually done this already by having her notice a sign on a hotel that says "Ubuntu". Ubuntu is a friendly source of contention at our house because it is what I chose to use for browsing the web & no one but me likes it. I am sure it brought a little chuckle to her as she thought of everyone's "love" of Ubuntu back home. Below is the picture she sent me.

Ubuntu Sign ~ Source: tammycookblogsbooks
Source: tammycookblogsbooks
We have never left our Wi-Fi on all day, everyday of the week. But it will be that way until #1 returns home. That is why she asked me in the first picture why I was up so early. She didn't know that the  Wi-Fi is currently always on, she was just leaving me a message so when I got up I would see it. We don't want to miss anything #1 has to share with us. More importantly I don't want to miss what God has to share with me, with our family, so I am keeping heart and mind open to Him, my "Wi-Fi" so to speak, will always be turned on and looking and listening for His voice. Is your Wi-Fi on?

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