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My Life as An Amish Wife by Lena Yoder
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Lena Yoder is a member of an Old Order Amish community. She and her family make a living off the land. After reading My Life as An Amish
Wife, it is obvious that Lena is very grateful for what God has provided in all aspects of her life. She says her goal is “to live for Christ daily and let our light shine for him.” You can learn more about Lena Yoder and her books here.

I looked forward to reading this book. I have enjoyed reading The Amish Cook newspaper column over the years so I hoped this book was like that. It is very similar in the way it chronicles the author's life. This book takes place over a span of seven years. Lena writes with quite a positive and sometimes humorous, view on life.

I think anyone interested in the Amish culture will enjoy this book. Lena wrote something that really stuck out to me. She said the only thing that we can take to heaven is our children. That is so true but I had never thought of it before. They can go to heaven with us, just like anyone else, if we share about the salvation of Jesus and they accept him as their Saviour. I would recommend checking out this quick, easy read. I received a free copy of this book from Harvest House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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