Beth Wiseman + Daughters of the Promise = A Great Facebook Chat 11/17/15

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Author Beth Wiseman
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Daughters of the Promise
Fans of Beth Wiseman Facebook Chat 11/17/15
Fans of Beth Wiseman Facebook Chat 11/17/15

Here are some interesting facts about Beth Wiseman:
She has sold over 1.5 million books
She is a former newspaper reporter
She was involved in the real-life rescue when her friend was held captive in Pakistan

These are just a few I found on her website Visit here to learn more.

The Daughters of the Promise facts:
There are six books are in the series
Each story is about one woman's journey into an Amish Community
Each woman discovers a new meaning to the words faith, hope, and love

Beth Wiseman will be hosting a Facebook Chat on Fans of Beth Wiseman about the Daughters of the Promise series and Jonas and Irma Rose, characters from the books, on 11/17/15. Over the past week, there has been a Book Club Challenge for fans to (read or) re-read the Daughters of the Promise series. To make it even easier to get your hands on these books, the entire collection as an ebook is currently being offered for $7.99 here. Don't miss the chance to purchase the Daughters of the Promise collection at this great price.

ReadAnExcerpt for all six books here.
Read description of the six books in the Daughters of the Promise Collection here.

An Amish Year, also by Beth Wiseman, releases on 12/8/15. This four novella collection includes Jonas and Irma Rose's beginnings as a couple. ReadAnExcerpt here.

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