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Interview with Suzanne Woods Fisher
Author Suzanne Woods Fisher
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I will be posting my review of The Imposter by Suzanne Woods Fisher tomorrow. I thought you might enjoy learning more about the author before reading the book or any reviews about it. Enter 'The Imposter' Signed Book Giveaway below.

Interview with Suzanne Woods Fisher
tcbb: What do you want readers to get out of reading 'The Imposter'?
SWF: With every book I write, my hope is that
readers will "invite God into their conversation." Whether they are new to faith or spiritually mature, the goal of life (I think!) is to know God in a deeper and deeper way.

tcbb: What age did you discover writing? Tell us a little about it.
SWF: Around the age of eleven. Something just clicked and my love of reading morphed into a love of writing. With that said, no one ever told me I was a particularly gifted writer--not teachers or parents. I just loved writing!

tcbb: Describe your writing in 3 words.
SWF: Character-driven, amusing, poignant. 

tcbb: How do you come up with characters names?
SWF: A name has to sit with me for a while...and the worst thing is when I end up changing a name, mid-stream, and adjust my thinking! But when a name just seems to fit, like Birdy Glick's name, it feels so right. 

tcbb: Do you have a favorite character or one you most identify with?
SWF: Yes...her name is Mary Kate Lapp, known as M.K., who was the youngest sister in 'The Stoney Ridge Seasons' series. She was the main character in "The Lesson." Writing her character was strangely easy. :)  

tcbb: Do you always have a lesson in your books?
SWF: I always have a theme that drives the story. As for a lesson--there's usually a lot of threads that readers can identify with, but I'm not trying to whack anybody on the head with a moral. Life isn't that tidy! 
tcbb: From checking out websites of other Amish fiction authors it seems to me that a lot of you are friends. Is this true?
SWF: Amish fiction is gentle fiction, so it makes sense that the authors are pretty nice people! I've found a spirit of camaraderie; they'll go the extra mile to help each other. 

tcbb: What are you reading now?
SWF: I am reading "The Daughter's Walk" by Jane Kirkpatrick, and I'm finishing up a re-read of "The Screwtape Letters" by C. S. Lewis. Totally different kinds of books. So good, though!

You can learn more about Suzanne and her books here

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