BookReview/ReadAnExcerpt The Bishop's Son by Kelly Irvin

BookReview/ReadAnExcerpt The Bishop's Son by Kelly Irvin
The Bishop's Son
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Kelly Irvin writes both fiction and nonfiction. She has authored Amish novels and Romantic Suspense books. The Beekeeper’s Son, from her Amish of Bee County series, is
a bestseller. The Bishop's Son is book two in the series. Visit to learn more about Kelly and her stories.

In The Bishop’s Son, Leila Lantz has to decide who to court. She is confused by her feelings for two young men. Jesse Glick wants to court her. He is also struggling with a life changing choice to make. Will, Jesse’s cousin, also wants to court her but knows Jesse’s feelings for the outspoken young Amish woman. He does not think he can hurt his cousin. In the end they all make life altering decisions, some of which are heartbreaking to many. I am really hoping that the next book in the series deals with the guy who did not get the girl this time.

This is not your run of the mill Amish romance. As I read, I saw how strong the Amish are in their beliefs as well as how strong the English are in theirs. It was pointed out that both believe in the same God and salvation of their souls through Jesus. Irvin did not lead me to believe being either Amish or English was right or wrong. There are quite a few characters to discover as the story begins. I think reading book one of this series would have been beneficial in knowing them already, although not necessary. I also feel this could be a stand-alone novel. I had trouble deciding who Leila would choose to court. There were tough decisions to be made by Leila, Jesse and Will to be true to the calling they felt was from God. I think readers will enjoy the change of pace with Englishers not being depicted as a bad influence by every Amish person. You know-that you know-that you know holds true in this story of romantic love, the love of God, and the love of family. I received a free copy of this book from BookLook in exchange for my honest review.

Read an excerpt from Kelly Irvin’s The Bishop's Son here.

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