BookReview NIV Dad’s Devotional Bible with Robert Wolgemuth

BookReview NIV Dad’s Devotional Bible with Robert Wolgemuth
Publisher's Description
The NIV Dad’s Devotional Bible is more than just the Bible with devotionals included. It can be used as a tool to grow in one’s Christian faith. I think that it is handy having a devotional and Bible all rolled into one. I know personally that it can be hard sometimes to do both but this Bible can encourage you that it is possible. The devotionals go by days of the week not dates. So one can start on any day they choose. I received a free copy of this Bible from BookLook in exchange for my honest review.
Robert Wolgemuth wrote the devotionals. He offers interesting stories from his own life or other events and then relates them to the Bible. I enjoy reading what he wrote. It is interesting and easy to understand.
There is a devotional and then a few chapters of the Bible to read before the next devotional. A verse for the day is even offered. In the back there are sections that deal with the synopsis of each book of the Bible, questions kids ask, and where each fruit of the spirit is mentioned in the Bible.
I chose the NIV Dad’s Devotional Bible so I could pass it along to my husband after I reviewed it. He just got started so I look forward to hearing his opinion of it. I know I liked the devotions, even though they were geared toward men and fathers. I would recommend this Bible for any man who is or will be a father.
tammycookblogsbooks book rating 5/5

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