BookReview Mastering Pasta By David Joachim and Marc Vetri

BookReview Mastering Pasta By David Joachim and Marc Vetri
Publisher's Description
The subtitle of this cookbook is The Art and Practice of Handmade Pasta, Gnocchi, and Risotto. After reading it, I can see why making pasta truly is an art and how it takes practice to make it a masterpiece. The author gives the history of pasta, recipes to make it,  as well as recipes, with great sounding Italian names, for using it. I enjoyed learning more about Italy and its culture while also learning about pasta. I received a free copy of this book from BloggingForBooks in exchange for my honest opinion.
While the recipes for dishes from this cookbook are not up my alley, they are easy to understand and seem simple to make. Many have ingredients that I feel are speciality items and most people would not have in their pantry. There is a source list in the back of the cookbook to order online. I enjoyed the photos, they are beautiful. The science of pasta is presented. This is the part of the cookbook that I did not care for. There are a few instances where curse words are used unnecessarily in my opinion.

The goal of this book is to get readers making pasta at home. If you are up for the challenge I recommend this book. Marc Vetri’s theory of pasta is like many people’s theory of the Bible – the more they learn about it, the more they realize they know nothing about it. 

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