BookReview Glory Days by Max Lucado

BookReview Glory Days by Max Lucado
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I was first introduced to Max Lucado’s storytelling in the early 2000s. I bought some of his children’s books for our daughters to read. Glory Days is the first non-fiction book
of his that I have read. Lucado has been writing for almost 25 years. He loves words, and says he wants what he writes or speaks to be "memorable, inspiring and hopefully life-changing". His website is I received a free copy of Glory Days from Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review.

Glory Days is the title of Lucado’s latest book. It is also the term he uses to describe a Christian life that is lived to its fullest potential, utilizing all that God has to offer. In the book, Lucado takes the reader on a journey through the book of Joshua, which is found in the Bible. He compares our spiritual lives to the lives of the Hebrews in Egypt (captivity), the wilderness (defeat), and Canaan (the Promised Land).
I like Lucado’s style of writing, which has a little humor added to it. I am not sure if someone who is not familiar with the Bible would be able to grasp all that Lucado is saying. Lucado shows the reader ways to achieve the victorious life of Canaan and not be stuck in the defeated life of the wilderness. I don't see anyone who enjoys spinning their wheels and being stuck in a rut. I think this book could help someone get back on track with their Christian life. I would recommend checking out Glory Days.

tammycookblogsbooks book rating 4/5

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