BookReview Her Brother's Keeper by Beth Wiseman

BookReview Her Brother's Keeper by Beth Wiseman
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Beth Wiseman has written short stories in several Thomas Nelson Amish Novella Collections. A Recipe for Hope from An Amish Kitchen and Rooted in Love from An Amish Garden name a few. I have read several of these collections and enjoyed her stories in each. I have also read two of her novels and liked them. I am a big fan of Amish Fiction. I looked forward to getting started on Her Brother’s Keeper. I received a free copy of this book
from BookLook in exchange for my honest review.

Charlotte Dolinsky and Hannah King are hurting. Hannah has lost someone she loves very much and is still grieving over that loss almost a year later. Charlotte has also suffered loss and wants to know why it had to happen. Anyone who is not familiar with how the Amish live and act will learn about their ways as the story progresses; as did Charlotte from her first day at her cousin’s house. It was sometimes comical seeing Charlotte fumble through her act of being Amish to discover the truth of her brother's death. This novel deals with heavy issues. Suicide and child abuse are integral parts of this book.

I found Her Brother's Keeper hard to put down. I think fans of Inspirational Fiction will enjoy this novel. Amish/Mennnonite Romance readers or those who are interesting in exploring the genre may like Her Brother’s Keeper because of the way Wiseman introduces Amish life to one of her characters. Reading about suicide and child abuse is not appropriate for everyone so those who are sensitive to the issues may not enjoy this book. I think a reader will come away from reading Her Brother’s Keeper knowing that there is always hope in God and the fact that we are freely given salvation through Jesus. That is what made me smile as I finished this book. 

Amish Secrets Series
Her Brother's Keeper

 tammycookblogsbooks book rating 5/5

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