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You never know what you will find here on MixingItUp. Today I have a book review excerpt from fellow reviewer, Becki. This review originally appeared on The Christian
Manifesto. To read the full review go to Valiant at The Christian Manifesto.

MixingItUp Becki's Review of Valiant by Sarah McGuireValiant 
by Sarah McGuire
Reviewed by Becki

Review Excerpt: 
'Valiant' is a modern retelling of 'The Valiant Tailor' by the Grimm Brothers. I didn’t know this after finishing the book and looking at Goodreads. I’ve never read the original story, so I will be making no comparisons between the two.
I requested the book based solely on the cover and a recommendation from NetGalley, so I really had no expectations going into it other than it was a fantasy story aimed at young adult readers.
Check out Becki's full review here.

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