MixingItUp 31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children by Bob Hostetler

MixingItUp 31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children by Bob Hostetler
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You never know what you will find here on MixingItUp. Today I have a list to share with 31 ways to pray for your family. I received this list as a bookmarker at church about a decade ago, maybe longer. I made it a goal to use this list as one way to pray for my husband, my children, and myself. The only thing I do differently is to pray the whole list everyday (or as close to everyday that I can), not pray one part each day of the month. See what works for you. It covers a lot of good stuff. Below is the first page of a free pdf download than can be found here.

31 Biblical Virtues 
to Pray for Your Children 
by Bob Hostetler

1.Salvation-“Lord, let salvation spring up within my children, that they may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory.” (Isa.45:8;2 Tim.2:10)
2.Growth in Grace-“I pray that my children may grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 3:18)
3.Love-“Grant, Lord, that my children may learn to live a life of love, through the Spirit who dwells in them.” (Gal.5:25; Eph.5:2)
4.Honesty and Integrity-“May integrity and honesty be their virtue and their protection.” (Ps.25:21)
5.Self-Control-“Father, help my children not to be like many others around them, but let them be alert and self-controlled in all they do.” (1 Thess.5:6)
6.Love for God’s Word-“May my children grow to find Your Word more precious than much pure gold and sweeter than honey from the comb.” (Ps.19:10)
7.Justice-“God, help my children to love justice as You do and act justly in all they do.” (Ps.11:7; Mic.6:8)
8.Mercy-“May my children always be merciful, just as their Father is merciful.” (Luke 6:36)
9.Respect (for self, others, and authority)-“Father, grant that my children may show proper respect to everyone, as Your Word commands.” (1 Pet.2:17)
10.Biblical Self-Esteem-“Help my children develop a strong self-esteem that is rooted in the realization that they are God‟s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus.” (Eph.2:10)
11.Faithfulness-“Let love and faithfulness never leave my children, but bind these twin virtues around their necks and write them on the tablet of their hearts.” (Prov.3:3)
12.Courage-“May my children always be strong and courageous in their character and in
their actions.” (Deut.31:6)

©Revive Our Hearts. Used with permission.

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