MixingItUp Create Pictures With Sea Shells

MixingItUp Create Pictures With Sea Shells - Boat
Framed Sea Shell Picture
Source: tammycookblogsbooks
You never know what you will find here on MixingItUp. Today I am sharing how to create pictures using sea shells. My husband & I went to
San Diego a few years back. Every night we went to the beach and collected shells. When I picked up small shells that still had both the top & bottom connected I thought they looked like birds and a big one looked like a butterfly. This is what inspired me to create 3 pictures from the shells I gathered. They are shown below, directions follow.

MixingItUp Create Pictures With Sea Shells - Boat
Source: tammycookblogsbooks
MixingItUp Create Pictures With Sea Shells - Butterfly
Source: tammycookblogsbooks
MixingItUp Create Pictures With Sea Shells - Flower
Source: tammycookblogsbooks
The picture frame - be sure to paint it front & back if it is stained. I only painted the front and the stain bled through the glue.
The picture behind the glass  -I used scrapbook paper that I cut to size. You could put anything here- a picture, newspaper, wrapping paper, construction paper. Use whatever fits your project.
The scene created by the sea shells - I did a dry run of this by placing the shells on the glass after I put the paper behind it but had not yet put on the glue. After I was happy with the way I wanted the shells to look, I placed them on the table in roughly the same design as on the glass so I could know where to put them.
The glue - I used the off brand version of Elmer's non-toxic glue. Be sure to do your project where it can stay until it is totally dry. Make sure the glass is firmly in place against the frame with the brackets tight so the glue doesn't ooze through the back. Place about 1/4 inch of glue on top of the glass and spread it evenly to the edges. This will be the most frustrating part. Just try your best to spread it evenly and have touching all the edges of the frame.
The sea shells - push the shells firmly into the glue as per your pattern that you planned out earlier.
Allow your project to dry thoroughly before moving and hanging on the wall.
A few tips
     Once again, Be sure to paint both the front & back of your picture frame if it is stained. The stain bled through from the back of one of my frames because I didn't paint both sides.
     My pictures are in the bathroom. If you look at the last picture you can see that the glue around the shells looks like it is pulling away. I think this is because of the steam from the shower.

Have fun creating you own picture. Leave a link here with the project you made so others can see your creativity.

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