BookReview When Grace Sings by Kim Vogel Sawyer

BookReview When Grace Sings by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Alexa Zimmerman was trying to fit in with her recently introduced family. She enjoyed running the newly opened Bed and Breakfast, The Grace Notes. When newspaper reporter Briley Forrester booked a three month stay, Alexa was happy to have a long term patron. But she didn’t know he was there for more than the story he said was writing about. Steven Brungardt’s parents gave him the farm next door to The Grace Notes B & B. He should have been excited about the land but he was not. His fiancé Anna Grace Braun was trying to be happy but she was not sure she could live there after they were married.

The times described are modern. This story took place six months after When Mercy Rains, the first book in the Zimmerman Restoration Series. Alexa moved to her grandmother’s Old Order Mennonite Community in Arborville, Kansas. While she herself was not Mennonite, the rest of her family in the area was. Stephen and Anna Grace both lived in another town but were fixing up the property next door. The story centered around Alexa as she took care of her grandmother and the B & B. Briley, Stephen, and Anna were secondary characters. Everyone had a secret that was causing issues in their lives. This was evident as their inner thoughts were revealed throughout the story. The characters went through various spiritual stages, depending on who it was. Change was brought on by following God and his ways, which were described and discussed throughout the book.

This story is told in the third person narrative. The language is easy to follow. Each chapter is written from the viewpoint of one of four different characters. This is where I got to see into their hearts and lives. Some of what I saw was messy. The characters were realistic, flawed people, especially Briley. There are two characters that are so different from each other but the author found a way to bring them together. I think there is a good balance of dialogue and scene descriptions that are both playful and serious. While the storyline was not surprising to me because I knew from reading what all the characters are thinking, it was surprising for the characters to find out what they did about each other. The writing in this story shows the positive and negative affects adoption and being in foster care can have on a person. The ending did not end up how I thought it would. It left a lot open for the next book, which makes me anticipate reading it all the more.

Having read When Mercy Rains and really enjoyed it, I couldn’t wait to read When Grace Sings. I expected this story to be very good and it was. Kim Vogel Sawyer writes in such a way that I was pulled into the lives of the characters. I couldn’t wait to read each chapter and find out what was going to happen next. What I took away from reading When Grace Sings is that our worth should be based on how God sees us, not how other people do. I look forward to reading the last book in the Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy.
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