BookReview The Last Bride By Beverly Lewis

BookReview The Last Bride by Beverly Lewis
Publisher's Description
The Last Bride, by Beverly Lewis, is book five in the Home to Hickory Hollow Series. Readers are introduced to Tessie Miller who is struggling with secrets that she is keeping from her family. She is the last unmarried daughter in her family and her father has his own plans for a future husband for her. The story is told between the viewpoints of Tessie and her sister
Mandy Yoder. I think fans of
Beverly Lewis will enjoy heading back to Hickory Hollow. 

I had trouble getting over the dialect that the characters’ used. As I read I could hear the twang in their conversations because of the way it was written and it was distracting to the story. The overall theme was discovering God’s grace. Tessie and Marcus did something that went against the Ordnung and they knew it. But God’s grace is stronger than the rules of man. God is very patient with people and he wants everyone to follow him. His grace is a gift to us.Keeping secrets from each other is never a good idea. If Tessie’s parents had not kept the reason as to why they were against both of the men that Tessie and Mandy were in love with, things would have turned out differently for everyone involved.

Tessie and Marcus were in love and wanted to get married but Tessie’s father would have nothing to do with it. They made a choice that went against everything that they were taught and it caused problems, especially for Tessie. I kept wishing as I read that Tessie would explain everything but I knew it would be hard with the way Amish handle such things. The ending was good and I hoped that it would turn out the way it did. Beverly Lewis had me rooting for Tessie to get her situation resolved and hoping that Mandy would get a happy ending also.

One sad thing I had read about before is genetic disorders. They were also a part of The Last Bride. Genetic disorders are occurring among the Amish from all the years of intermarrying in the same community. Some of the characters in the story were going to other communities to find wives. This was an okay read, I  thought it was a good story. I guess I still am not a full-fledged fan of Beverly Lewis yet. I have only read four of her books total, which are all in the Home to Hickory Hollow series. I enjoyed a few of the books in the series, but not every one.

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