BookReview Emma of Aurora by Jane Kirkpatrick

BookReview Emma of Aurora by Jane KirkpatrickThe Emma of Aurora trilogy is a fictional rendering based on the real life of Emma Wagner Geisy. She was a strong-willed, outspoken young woman with an independent spirit. Living in the religious Bethel Colony under its controlling leader was difficult for her. These stories show Emma following her heart and God to a new life that she never imagined. The trilogy begins with Emma, her husband, and others from the colony heading from Missouri to Oregon to
start a new colony. Emma encountered many joys and heartaches by the end of the trilogy.

Jane Kirkpatrick did a lot research to create this wonderful fictional work about Emma’s life. She made her headstrong and feisty but still very likable. The author has a unique style of writing that drew me into Emma’s story. I had never heard of the real Bethel Colony before I read this. Jane Kirkpatrick gives us a glimpse into how hard it was to provide the basic needs of food and shelter when our country was still unsettled. This is a great read for anyone who enjoys reading about a character as they grow and change through the ups and downs of life

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