MixingItUp Sarah's review of By Your Side by Candice Calvert

You never know what you will find here on MixingItUp. Today I have a book review excerpt from fellow reviewer, Sarah. This review originally appeared on The Christian Manifesto. To read the full review go to By Your Side at The Christian Manifesto.

MixingItUp Sarah's review of By Your Side by Candice CalvertBy Your Side by Candice Calvert
Reviewed  by Sarah

Review Excerpt:
As always, Calvert does an excellent job with the details and descriptions. I particularly enjoyed all of the information about
Sacramento and the surrounding area, as that isn’t a typical setting for a book. Calvert is a former ER nurse and it really shows in the scenes revolving around the hospital. Her knowledge brings the setting and characters to life. There were a couple times where the medical jargon became a bit overwhelming and I got lost. Fortunately, I was able to quickly catch back up and didn’t lose the flow of the story. I think in that instance, perhaps a bit more explanation may have helped, though it may have then became a case of “too much information.”

Check out Sarah's full review here .

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