MixingItUp Help Goldfish With Buoyancy Issues

MixingItUp Help Goldfish With Buoyancy Issues
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You never know what you will find here on MixingItUp. I just have to share this amazing discovery.We are babysitting #1's goldfish until she graduates from college.
She has two goldfish in one tank. One of these goldfish had been floating sideways for months off and on. We just assumed it was from old age.A few days ago the other goldfish in the tank started to not be able to stay on the bottom of the tank. I decided to do a search on the Internet about this problem .I read on a handful of different sites about goldfish having buoyancy problems and to feed them peas. Yes, the little, round green veggie. From what I read it helps them get rid of gas which is why they can't control their floating. I figured it couldn't hurt so I gave it a try. I took a frozen pea and chopped it up as small as I could, it was thawed out by the time I was done chopping. The two goldfish happily ate it. Within 20 minutes the one goldfish was swimming normal. After a few hours the other goldfish started swimming normal. They still are having no buoyancy issues. I claim no responsibility if you try this with your goldfish. Look up the pea cure for buoyancy issues on several sites and decide on your own if you want to try it. I just want to tell you that it worked for our goldfish.

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