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You never know what you will find here on MixingItUp. Today I have a book review excerpt from fellow reviewer, Becki. This review originally appeared on The Christian
Manifesto. To read the full review go to Dauntless at The Christian Manifesto.

MixingItUp Becki's review of Dauntless by Dina L. SleimanDauntless by Dina L. Sleiman
Reviewed  by Becki

Review Excerpt:
A female Robin Hood—what wasn’t there to love about the premise? I like the cover art of a brave woman with a bow and arrow. I also was drawn into the heart of the author by the “Reader’s Note” at the start of the story. My expectations were somewhat met. By the cover, I didn’t realize that Merry was actually a teenager. So I didn’t go into it expecting a YA read. I expected a lot of drama and action. Instead, I got more description, introspection, and love triangulation. I wanted to love the book; I ended up merely liking it.

Check out Becki's full review here .

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