FoodBytes Shoofly Cupcakes

FoodBytes Shoofly Cupcakes
Shoofly Cupcakes 
Source: Taste of Home
Shoofly Cupcakes
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"I don't like molasses, but my family does, so I tried these cupcakes. They were amazing! I couldn't stop eating them. They did have a molasses taste though."

"I took these to church, thinking the kids would prefer the regular cupcakes and the grownups would like these better, but the kids took almost all of these before the regular ones! Very tasty, you could add ginger, or cinnamon and nutmeg too!"

"Very moist! I made 26 regular size cupcakes, then put the rest of the batter into a 9x9 pan and have a cake also!"
Here is a little taste, a foodbyte, of what you can find on the Taste of Home website. I don't make a lot of treats with molasses. I saw this recipe and thought that it looked good. When I make them I will try the first batch with 1/2 of the amount of molasses called for in the recipe.
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