BookReview The Revealing by Suzanne Woods Fisher

BookReview The Revealing by Suzanne Woods Fisher
Rose Schrock was doing her best to keep her family going after the untimely death of her husband. She ran the Inn at Eagle Hill. Her oldest son Tobe was to be released from jail soon. He was involved in his father’s investment firm’s misdealing. Her oldest daughter Bethany was all too eagerly waiting for Jimmy Fisher to pop the question. Rose’s youngest daughter Mim was growing up and had a secret that more and more people
kept discovering. Rose and her neighbor Galen King had a blossoming romance. But Rose needed to make some decisions before she could commit to Galen. Naomi , Galen’s sister was not telling Galen about her visits with Tobe in jail. All this may seem like a lot to keep up with but it’s not.

The author writes in a way that each character’s story is easy to follow. I think it would be to the reader’s advantage to read the first two books and novella in the Inn at Eagle Hill series, The Letters, The Calling, and The Rescue, respectively. The author gives good background information for all the previously introduced characters but there are quite a few to get to know. I did not read The Calling, book two in the series, Because of this I missed out on some important events, like Tobe going to jail.

The Revealing is the conclusion of The Inn at Eagle Hill trilogy. Suzanne Woods Fisher gives a good portrayal of the Amish lifestyle through descriptions of where they live and what they are doing. The characters in this series are so likable. Rose and Galen have to be my favorites. Rose is always dependable and relies on God to guide her in all she does. Galen has the same strong faith as Rose, which is probably why they are drawn to each other. Rose would be a good friend to have in real life. She was faced with some tough decisions and she was always full of grace with those she came into contact with.

The inn provided much needed income for Rose’s family and all those who stayed there left a better person than before they came, which was by Rose’s caring ways and God using her to help others. Throughout the series the guests at the inn are Englishers who have a part in each book . Brooke Snyder was that character for The Revealing. I did not care for her at all. She didn’t add much to the story in my opinion and fit what Jon Hoeffner needed too perfectly to really have happened in real life. Her talents and being involved with him seemed an easy way out to wrap up a certain aspect of the storyline.

Right from the beginning the reader knows that Naomi has a secret. We are lead to believe that it is one thing. But it turns out to be so much more. I got to know Naomi better in this story. She is a very likable person, keeping her faith and family above all else.

There is a little humor with the introduction of Jesse Stoltfus, Mim’s new neighbor. His mischief and antics keep everyone on their toes, especially Mim.

In the end many secrets are revealed. Actually, there is one part that has you guessing up to the end and you never find out the answer. But that’s the whole point. It doesn’t matter what the answer is, God is in control. I’m not going to tell any spoilers. But Rose finally knows how her husband really died. She also discovers the truth behind the downfall of Schrock Investments. These were the two things that began the trilogy and were in question throughout it. I was sad to see this series come to an end. The Revealing had some twists and turns that kept it interesting. I read it only a few sittings. While I was happy with the way things ended for the main characters in this book, there is potential for more with Rose and Galen & Tobe and Naomi. Fans of Inspirational Fiction, especially Amish Fiction will enjoy The Revealing.

tammycookblogsbooks book rating 4/5

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I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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