FoodBytes Meatball Calzones

FoodBytes Meatball Calzones
Meatball Calzones
Source: Taste of Home
Meatball Calzones
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"Very easy recipe.. My kids loved it. We did a meatball calzone and a pepperoni calzone."

"Have made multiple times! Freezes well. Add garlic salt to the top. Make extra meatballs because they are tasty."

"Taste is good. There is way to much dough for the amount of meatballs. I also used more mozz cheese. It will definately serve a bunch! 

Here is a little taste, a foodbyte, of what you can find on the Taste of Home website. This looks like a great way to have a different type of meatball sandwich. The meatball part sounds good, lots of Parmesan cheese.
Visit to check out the  Meatball Calzones recipe and see what more people are saying about it.
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