BookReview The Kissing Bridge by Tricia Goyer

BookReview The Kissing Bridge by Tricia Goyer
The Kissing Bridge by Tricia Goyer is the story about Rebecca Troyer following her dream of becoming a nurse, not something that is acceptable in her Amish community of Shipshewana, Indiana. While on her journey to school she meets Caleb Hooley, who is also following a dream, even if it does belong to someone else.

Rebecca’s ultimate goal is to help others. She determined seven years ago to never be in a situation where she was unable to medically help someone in need. This is so important to her that she decided to give up everything important to her to go to nursing school. She knows that she’s hurting her relationship with friends and family. She is also struggling with her relationship with God since her sister’s untimely death.

Caleb enjoys adventure and taking risks. There was a scene in the book where he jumps into water that had everyone but him concerned for his safety. Caleb’s grandfather always told him to get out and explore the world. Since his grandfather was never able to do this Caleb took the advice and went to West Kootenai, Montana himself. Every spring in Amish bachelors from all over go to West Kootenai to achieve residence status so they could hunt in the fall.

The Kissing Bridge has a few themes woven into the story. One prevailing theme is that we can live under God’s grace and not under law. Some of the Amish in the story live under the law, the man made rules of the Ordnung, but they miss God’s grace. Amish in other communities think that those in West Kootenai are too liberal and are just trying to live without the watchful eye of a bishop. But the Amish in West Kootenai discovered that they can live under God’s saving grace, through the gift of salvation, which is Jesus dying on the cross for all of our sins.

Another theme of the story would be discovering that God has a plan for our lives. He even directs our paths to achieve that plan. Rebecca had no thoughts of stopping in West Kootenai on her way to nursing school. But God worked it out that she did. Rebecca also received money that made it possible for her to go to school. It was God who ultimately provided the money.

As the story begins Rebecca and Caleb are both running away from something. After meeting, they are both attracted to each other. Caleb likes that Rebecca seems to be adventurous like him. They go on a camping trip with several others and discover more about each other and themselves. There is an exciting part at the end of the trip that shows Rebecca and Caleb that they are doing is what God wants for their lives.

I enjoyed The Kissing Bridge. It is the third book in the Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series. I have read the first two books in series. There is a brief mention of Ida Mae from The Promise Box, book one. One of the characters in the story is Marianna Knox, Rebecca’s childhood friend. She is from Tricia Goyer’s Big Sky trilogy. I liked catching up with her since I enjoyed her story in that series. I also liked reading about several characters from the first two books in the series that are minor characters in The Kissing Bridge. This story can be read without reading the others in the series but I would recommend them all because they are good books.

tammycookblogsbooks book rating 5/5

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I received a free copy of this book from Zondervan in exchange for my honest review.

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