Gabriel's Bride by Amy Lillard

Gabriel’s Bride by Amy Lillard shows what can happen to a couple when they have a marriage of convenience. Gabriel’s Bride is the third book in Amy Lillard’s Clover Ridge series. The first two books are Saving Gideon and Katie’s Choice.

The Clover Ridge series takes place in Indiana with the Fisher family and their children as the main characters. Each of the couples involved in the stories find love in unconventional
ways which makes the stories interesting to read. I didn’t read Saving Gideon but I did read Katie’s Choice and enjoyed that book.

In Gabriel’s Bride Rachel Yoder and Gabriel Fisher married out of necessity. Rachel needed somewhere to live and Gabriel needed someone to care for his children. Neither one of them expected anything more out of their marriage than to have these needs fulfilled. Rachel had nowhere to go and could not bear the thought of no longer having her precious goats. Gabriel’s wife had died six years earlier and he was having trouble taking care of the farm and meeting his children needs on his own.

Gabriel seemed to frown too much for Rachel’s liking. His apparent unhappiness was understandable to me under the circumstances that he lost his beloved wife. Rachel was somewhat of a recluse before meeting Gabriel and his family. But Gabriel’s parents and siblings took Rachel in and made her a part of the family. She became especially close to her mother-in-law Ruth. It was nice to read about a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relationship that was loving. They were able to confide in one another. I enjoyed learning about minor characters Gideon’s sister Katie Rose and Zane Carson, her fiancee. Their story is in Katie’s Choice, book two in this series. Gideon, Gabriel’s brother and Annie from Saving Gideon are also minor characters in this story. Even though I didn’t read Saving Gideon but I learned enough about them from Katie’s Choice that I was glad to catch up with them.

It was humorous in the beginning the way Rachel was so undomesticated. She burned everything and couldn’t keep on task with any of the housework. One job that she could do right was caring for her goats. She really took a liking to Gabriel’s youngest son, six year old Samuel. He was a very sweet child and it made me smile as I read about him.

It was frustrating for me how stubborn Gabriel and Rachel were when it came to admitting their feelings for one another. Gabriel had told Rachel that he had loved once and didn’t expect to love again. That is surely how a widower must feel but it put their relationship in a bad place. I could see the struggle of each one trying to tell the other they no longer want a marriage of convenience but don’t know how or were afraid to admit their true feelings, I enjoyed reading Gabriel’s Bride. It did get frustrating to me at times and I just wanted to yell at the characters and tell them to open up their hearts to each other. The way Gabriel and Rachel handled their relationship towards the end was almost unbelievable for me. But then again people can be very stubborn when they really want to be. If you like reading about unconventional romances, you’ll like Gabriel’s Bride.

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I received a free copy of this book from B & H Publishing and The Christian Manifesto in exchange for my honest review.

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