FoodBytes S'more Sandwich Cookies

FoodBytes S'more Sandwich Cookies
S'more Sandwich Cookies
Source: Taste of Home
S'more Sandwich Cookies
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"This recipe is SO delicious and really quite simple!! I will definitely be making this one several times again!!"

"Very good cookies. They really do taste like a S'more. They are VERY sweet so they will probably last me a little while. Good twist on the campfire favorite."

"I LOVE this recipe. The cookies are soft and wonderful, and the marshmallow is gooey and sticky. It's everything a great cookie should be! I have made this recipe multiple times, doubling and tripling the recipe, not only does it turn out consistently, but all the cookies disappear!"

Here is a little taste, a foodbyte, of what you can find on the Taste of Home website. When it's too cold to make s'mores outside these cookies look like a good alternative. Be sure to read the other reviews about microwaving the marshmallows, the reviewers gave good tips.

Visit to check out the S'more Sandwich Cookies recipe and see what more people are saying about it.

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