FoodBytes Mexican Chicken Soup

FoodBytes Mexican Chicken Soup
Mexican Chicken Soup 
Source: Taste of Home
 Mexican Chicken Soup
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"Love how quickly & easily this comes together. I used leftover roasted chicken & canned corn & made it on the stove instead of the crockpot. Full of flavor!"

"To reduce the salt in this recipe, make your own taco seasoning so you can control the salt. There are several recipes to be found on this site."

"This soup was so delicious and easy to make. We added tortilla chips to ours and everyone loved it."

Here is a little taste, a foodbyte, of what you can find on the Taste of Home website. This soup looks yummy. It has ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. Many reviews give great ideas for substitutions of ingredients in the recipe. That's what cooking is all about - getting a recipe and making it to suit your tastes.

Visit to check out the Mexican Chicken Soup recipe and see what more people are saying about it.
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