An Amish Garden by Thomas Nelson Publishers

An Amish Garden contains four novellas, each set in a different Amish community. This is interesting because each area has a little different dialect and way of doing things. Each novella has to do with some sort of garden. In Rooted in Love, Rosemary Lantz resists Saul Petersheim’s pursuit of her. He was easy to avoid until he started working on her family’s farm and put in a garden. In Flowers for Rachael, Rachael Bontrager is attracted to neighbor Gideon Beiler, who unknown to her is also attracted to her. They finally start talking after Rachael discovers she has a secret admirer. In Seeds of Love, Sadie Chupp cares for plants grown from heirloom seed from her deceased mother’s garden. Traveling bachelor Eli Plank helps her and she has hopes of him staying in the area. In Where Healing Blooms, widow Emma Hochstetter and her mother-in-law enjoy tending to their garden together. They discover a runaway in the barn. Emma’s first boyfriend and neighbor comes over often and helps them in the garden and with the runaway teen.

Reading this collection of short stories will be especially enjoyable for those who like to garden with flowers and/or produce. Many plants are named throughout the book. There are also details of how and what the characters are doing in their gardens.

All the stories were good but my two favorites were Seeds of Love and When Healing Begins. Anyone who has read Tricia Goyer’s Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series will enjoy Seeds of Love. This story takes place in West Kootenai, Montana and has characters from the series in it.

I enjoyed this collection. Each author got me involved in the characters’ lives and it was sad to see each novella come to an end. I always like reading Thomas Nelson’s novella collections that are in this format. It’s easy to read just one novella in a short amount of time. Some of Thomas Nelson’s other titles like this are An Amish Miracle, An Amish Christmas, and An Amish Kitchen. Yes, these novellas are predictable but they are also easy to read, sweet romances that will make you smile.

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers and The Christian Manifesto in exchange for my honest review. 

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