A Pioneer Christmas Collection from Barbour Press

Fans of Inspirational Romance and Historical Fiction will enjoy this great collection of Christmas themed novellas. The nine short stories in A Pioneer Christmas are fictional but they are interwoven with true historical facts. This made it interesting for me. For example, one novella deals with the Pony Express. Another has Theodore Roosevelt as one of the minor characters.

Each story is set during the Christmas holiday between the time periods of 1781 to 1897, when pioneers were settling into their way of living. We all know that compared to us the pioneers did not have an easy life. Food and shelter were difficult to come by at times. Life was hard back then and it is portrayed as such in these novellas. Each author wrote their novella so well that it was easy to picture the people and their surroundings as I read through each of the stories.

Each novella has one main character that is dealing with the loss of a loved one. It may be a spouse, a sibling, or a parent. Housing is also an issue for the characters. Someone needs shelter or in the very least help with the shelter they are in. I enjoyed learning about the different types of housing that the pioneers had. I didn’t know that some people in that time period lived in a room size hole dug into the ground.

You will not be able to finish this book without seeing that God is our ultimate shelter and love. He sent or provided each of the characters just what was needed when they needed provision and help. Each novella has a satisfying ending but I wished the stories would keep going. I wanted to know more about the characters’ lives because I was so drawn into their situations. To me that is the sign of a well written story which is why I recommend this as a great Christmas read to fans of Inspirational Romance and Historical Fiction.

I received a free copy of this book from Barbour Press and The Christian Manifesto in exchange for my honest review. 

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