An Amish Miracle by Beth Wiseman, Mary Ellis, Ruth Reid

In this collection of novellas, three women are looking for their own miracle from God. I enjoyed reading about how God caused their miracles to come about, even though the miracles came in ways that were different from each person’s plans. What I like about this novella collection is how each story includes characters from the other stories. Most of the time, novellas by their nature are not long enough to get too involved in the characters’ lives. Since each character is in all three stories the reader gets to know them a lot better. As I read I saw each woman open their hearts to allow God to work in them. The miracles that God works in these novellas are not like crashes of thunder and lightning or instantaneous. God speaks to each woman’s heart and begins to work slowly in their life as they follow His ways.

In Always in My Heart by Mary Ellis, Hope Bowman wants to give her husband a son. But after the birth of her fourth daughter she is convinced she will never have a boy. God begins to stir something in Hope’s heart that she should have done long ago. When she listens to God, he gives her the desire of her heart. Her biggest obstacle is confronting and forgiving her father, and she does it with grace and peace.

In Always His Providence by Ruth Reid, Widow Rosa Hostetler refuses to ask for help. She could lose her farm but she doesn’t let anyone know about it, not even her best friend Hope Bowman.  At first I couldn’t understand why until I continued to read more about her. She is also not sure how to deal with her feelings for Adam Bontrager, her deceased husband’s best friend. The ending of the story that deals with her English neighbor seems a little unbelievable but could happen because I know God can work in people’s hearts.

In Always Beautiful by Beth Wiseman, Becky Byler knows that God is going to help her to lose weight. But as Becky leans on God and learns to her control her food cravings and loses weight; she also loses the kind and sweet girl she used to be. She is changing in ways that her best friend Elam can’t believe. She barely gives him the time of day. In the end she sees the truth of God’s love and the love he intended for her.

Each novella is only around one hundred and twenty pages so it can be read fairly quickly. But I think they are so good though that you’ll want to keep reading to the end of the whole book. Thomas Nelson has put out several books with the three Amish novellas in them. I have read most of them and look forward to each new one that comes out.

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson and The Christian Manifesto  in exchange for my honest review.

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