NIV Adventure Bible Book of Devotions by Zonderkidz

The NIV Adventure Bible Book of Devotions has 365 daily readings to get your child thinking about how God is involved in their life. Each devotion begins with a Bible verse. There is then a fictional reading that your child will be able to relate to. The subjects range from outdoor activities to school related themes and more. Your kids can relate to the readings because they probably have had a similar experience. Each of the devotions is wrapped up with a paragraph that shows how God can be a part of your child’s everyday life. They will learn that God is in everything they do and that life is an exciting adventure.

The NIV Adventure Bible Book of Devotions is meant to be a companion to the NIV Adventure Bible but each book can be used on its own. Children who have the NIV Adventure Bible will enjoy that the NIV Adventure Bible Book of Devotions looks like their Bible. The devotional also has the same side notes titled Did you Know?, Life in Bible Times, Live it!, People in Bible Times, and Words to Treasure. These offer fun and interesting little snippets of information at the end of each daily reading. I think parents will appreciate the topic and scripture indexes that are provided at the end of the book. There may a time when their child wants to know about a certain subject or Bible verse. These can easily be found with the indexes.

This devotional is geared towards nine to twelve year olds. I have a ten year old and this devotional seems to fit her age group. She read through a few of the days and she said it was quick to read and that she liked it. This would be good to read to younger children but I don’t think they could read it on their own. I like how easy it is to read the devotions. They are short and quick , which is good for kids. A long, drawn out and wordy devotional won’t keep a child’s interest. I rather my child hear one Bible verse and be able to relate to it than read an entire chapter in the Bible and learn nothing. This is a good book for any gender. There is nothing that makes me think it is for just boys or just girls. I think devotions are a good way to start of the day and this is one I would recommend.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange froor my honest review.

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