Letters To Katie by Kathleen Fuller

This review gives more insight than just "it was/wasn't a good book" or "this is/isn't a must read". While I try not to give too much away, sometimes it's difficult to write about the story and have it not be revealing. 

Katherine (Katie) Yoder has been trying to get her affections and thoughts away from Johnny Mullet for years. It has caused her nothing but heartache since he has never returned the same feelings towards her. When the story begins she finally decides that she has to move on and away from Johnny.

Meanwhile, Johnny has been trying to prove that he can get along on his own. He has bought a house and plans on running a horse farm on the property. He also has something very special in mind. Everything seems to be going as planned until Katherine gets very ill and develops short term memory loss. Both Katherine and Johnny’s worlds begin to fall apart. But they soon discover that God’s plans for their lives are far better than their own.

In another storyline in the book, Cora Easley is trying to convince her grandson Sawyer to take over her prosperous business. Sawyer lives in the same town as Katherine and Johnny. His adoptive parents are Amish and he plans and joining the church himself. Cora is uppity and very pushy and she is hiding a secret. I didn’t read the other books in the series so I didn’t know who Cora was at first. As I read more I was filled in on what went on with the characters in the previous books. But I think it would be better to have read the previous books to enjoy the story more.

It is very touching how Cora sees Sawyer’s Amish family lives out their faith. She is welcomed in their house and treated like one of the family. She is very difficult to be around until God sends so much care and love from others her way she can’t help but change, even if it’s only a little.

I thought Katherine should have moved on from longing for Johnny years ago. She wasted seven years of her life on someone who didn’t care for her in a romantic way.

Katherine, Johnny, and Cora were going on with their lives without letting God be in the control. It wasn’t until they put God in the equation that they understood how they should have been handling situations in their lives. But God couldn’t lead them until they let him guide their steps.

The storyline of Cora and Sawyer’s relationship was better than Katie and Johnny’s. I thought it was more interesting. Cora kept everyone on their toes with her rude and snobby ways. Even so, they kept loving her as God would.

I liked reading this book enough but I think Kathleen Fuller’s novellas are better reads. A few of these short stories that I enjoyed are in An Amish Wedding and An Amish Christmas.

I received a free copy of this book from The Christian Manifesto and Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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