Experiencing God At Home A Bible Study for Parents by Tom and Richard Blackaby

Experiencing God at Home: A Bible Study for Parents shows the reader how to become a God-honoring parent to help their children become God-honoring also. The authors, Tom and Richard Blackaby, used the Biblical principals explained in this book to become better parents themselves. They use their father’s, Henry Blackaby, teachings called “Seven Realities” as a guide for the study sessions. These realities are about God working in our lives and us allowing him to do so.

This book has an eight week Bible study, which is meant to be done in a group setting. There is an optional nine week session too. I think that it will also work for just a couple doing it together. The Bible study includes activities that you can choose to do to enhance the lesson. Each study is filled with scripture and questions about your life to get you thinking. The authors share stories how God worked in their lives and used them to work in other people’s lives.

This book made me want to be a better parent. There are so many biblical principals discussed in this study. If you read this book you are going to want to grow closer to God. You be excited that you’ll be helping your children in their walk with God. This book will inspire you to want to experience all God has for you and your family. If you truly want to be the parent that God wants you to be, Experiencing God At Home: A Bible Study for Parents can be used as a tool to help lead your children in a life that is glorifying God.

I received a free copy of this book from LifeWay Christian Resources and The Christian Manifesto  in exchange for my honest review.

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