Whispers On The Dock by Evangeline Kelley

This review gives more insight than just "it was/wasn't a good book" or "this is/isn't a must read". While I try not to give too much away, sometimes it's difficult to write about the story and have it not be revealing.  

Whispers on the Dock is the third book in the Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn Series. What I find interesting is that the series is written by four different people under the pen name of Evangeline Kelley. The authors are Patti Berg, Pam Hanson & Barbara Andrews, and Camy Tang. It’s amazing that they all can contribute and make it seem like only one person has written it.

The series started with three sisters, Caroline Marris, Gracie Gold, and Sam Carter, vacationing in Nantucket in Seaside Harmony. They decided to realize their deceased mother’s dream and buy a local dilapidated inn called Misty Harbor Inn. Their plan was to transform it into a Bed & Breakfast. The second book in the series, Sunflower Summer, begins one year after the sisters became owners of the Misty Harbor Inn. They open for business and welcome guests to the inn and into their lives. In Whispers on the Dock the inn has been up and running for two months and the sisters are enjoying their new lives in Nantucket.

Caroline, the free spirit has decided to settle down. I am so glad that Caroline and George are finally getting married. They had been best friends for thirty years. I found it unbelievable in the previous books of the series that they would continue to stay just friends that long without marrying.

Gracie really wants to prove that Hannah wasn’t killed and that she didn’t steal any money. In Whispers on the Dock the sisters are closer than ever in figuring out the fate of Hannah Montague. Parts of solving the mystery actually were described a little too much for my liking. When they were deciphering a code I was totally confused. Apart from that, the story about Hannah Montague was the most interesting that it has been throughout this series.

Sam has really gotten into baking and decided to enter a dessert in the Summerfest baking contest. When she meets one of her opponents, Betsy Carlisle, she needs to rise above her wanting to win to do what she knows is right. But she’s not sure exactly how to do that. I was quite surprised at the way Sam reacted to Betsy with all the contest silliness.

Two guests bring quite a bit of excitement to the inn. One has information about Hannah Montague. The sisters find out way more than they even imagined about Hannah and her family tree. The other guest is a romance writer that gets Caroline excited about planning her wedding – maybe a little too excited.

This whole series is very similar to the Tales from Grace Chapel Inn series, and geared towards an older audience.  This is a clean, uplifting story. It is also a light read. You won’t get bogged down reading about heavy issues. I think you’ll feel like you may even want to visit Nantucket and the charming Misty Harbor Inn. Whispers on the Dock and the rest of the series is an enjoyable escape where you’re sure there will be a happy ending.

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I  received a free copy of this book from Guideposts and The Christian  Manifesto in exchange for my honest review.

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