BookReview The Secret Keeper by Beverly Lewis

BookReview The Secret Keeper by Beverly Lewis
The Secret Keeper is the fourth book in Beverly Lewis’ Home to Hickory Hollow Series. I am a big fan of Amish Fiction but I surprisingly had never read a single book by Beverly Lewis until I read the first book in this series called The Fiddler. I couldn’t believe how much I disliked that book. I decided to give Beverly Lewis another try and read other books in the series and I’m glad I did. I read the third book in the Home to Hickory Hollow
series, The Guardian, which I liked. The Secret Keeper was also enjoyable to read.

The Secret Keeper is the story of twenty five year old Englisher Jenny Burns who decided she wanted to become Amish. She made a friend, Marnie Lapp, in the Hickory Hollow Amish community that helped her realize her dream of being a seeker, an outsider that wants to join the Amish church. A seeker has a time of Proving where they learn to Amish ways and show they really want to make the life changing decision and become Amish. Jenny was very enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to start her Proving time and live in the Amish community. Amish life couldn’t seem more perfect to Jenny – that is until she actually started living it.

Jenny was very disconnected from her family. They all were living a life of that was materialistic and fast paced.  Jenny had always felt she was living in the wrong era. She longed for a simpler life. I can relate to Jenny because I am a lot like her. I have always wanted to live a simple life – having the latest whatever, shopping and eating at fancy restaurants are not appealing to me. As a child Jenny learned about the Amish and knew that was the life for her.

When Jenny first arrived in Hickory Hollow to live with Marnie’s relatives, Samuel and Rebecca Lapp, she had no doubt she would make it through the Proving time. But as the weeks passed, her outlook didn’t remain as positive. She found out that the life of an Amish woman is harder than she imagined. Jenny couldn’t even do the easiest task like darning a sock. Then she discovered a secret that could ruin more than one person’s life, including hers. My heart broke for Jenny when she decided what she needed to do with her secret. It was a decision she didn’t take lightly. I was a little annoyed at the way Rebecca Lapp handled Jenny’s choice.

Jenny had someone looking out for her shortly after she arrived in Hickory Hollow, single Amish man Andrew Lapp, Rebecca’s nephew. He explained how to live Amish in a way that didn’t make her feel stupid. They quickly developed a friendship that was growing into a sweet romance. I liked that their relationship was based on the love of God and following his ways.

This is not a fast moving story and the secret isn’t a mystery that needed to be figured out as the story continued. But it was enjoyable to read The Secret Keeper. It even made me want to read Beverly Lewis’ previously written books that took place in Hickory Hollow to find out more about the characters and their lives.

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I received as free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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