A Plain Disappearance by Amanda Flower

This review gives more insight than just "it was/wasn't a good book" or "this is/isn't a must read". While I try not to give too much away, sometimes it's difficult to write about the story and have it not be revealing.  
Chloe Humphrey is once again somehow involved in a crime committed against the Amish in her town. She helped solve the crimes committed in A Plain Death and A Plain Scandal, books one and two in the Appleseed Creek Mystery series. This time she is asked by Chief Rose to get involved because she is “the Amish whisperer”, although she would have been on the manhunt without the Chief’s request. I thought that it was wise of Amanda Flower to actually have the Chief ask Chloe to get information from the Amish and be involved in helping solve the crime because I questioned the fact that Chief Rose would let Chloe be privy to the sensitive police information that she told her in A Plain Scandal.  A Plain Disappearance is the third book in the Appleseed Creek Mystery series.

Chloe moved to Appleseed Creek, Ohio when she accepted the job as Director of Computer Services for Harshberger College. Chloe befriended Ex-Amish brother and sister, Becky and Timothy Troyer, shortly after moving to town. She is roommates with Becky. This story starts with Chloe and Timothy on their first date. This is when they discover the body of Katie Lambright, a sixteen year old Amish girl.  Chief Rose suspects Billy Thorpe committed the crime. He is a friend of Timothy and has quickly left town. Chloe and Timothy are on a search to find the disappeared Billy and soon discover more than they would have imagined.

While Chloe is searching for Billy, she is also searching her heart. She needs to forgive if she wants to move on with her life. Chloe needs to offer forgiveness to more than one person. She also learned that not all Amish are honest and hard-working pacifists.

Chloe has been dodging two criminals that have been out to get her since the beginning of the series. In A Plain Disappearance it seems that it’s only one , Kurt Fanning, now that can’t let her be. He her even followed her to church. She knows that he wants something she has but she doesn’t know what. It is very surprising what he does want from Chloe at the end. It is definitely something she never expected.
Amanda has done a good job of sending my mind around in circles in figuring out who killed Katie. One chapter it seemed like one person. The next chapter I thought it surely had to be another person. I was surprised when I finally discovered the killer; I never had any suspicion of that person. There are several story lines interconnected creating a great flowing story.

I was glad to see Chloe and Timothy finally together in the beginning of this book. After reading book two I knew they would soon be a couple. They have a very sweet romance. Grandfather Zook’s humor and view on life gives a fun twist to this mystery. I would recommend reading the previous books in Appleseed Creek Mystery series so you aren’t overwhelmed with all the characters. If you like mystery, humor, and romance, you’ll get them all in this great read by Amanda Flower.

I received a free copy of this book from B&H Publishing and The Christian Manifesto in exchange for my honest review.

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