Katie's Choice by Amy Lilliard

Zane Carson was a war correspondent for a Chicago magazine. To ease back into the job after being shot he headed to an unfamiliar country – Amish country. He planned on having one of his easiest assignments ever. He’d stay with a host family and write about his experiences while living among the Amish. But being attracted to Katie Rose Fisher was not part of his plan.

Katie Rose believed that it was her calling to be single and teach the children in her Amish community. She was once in love with Samuel Beachy until he left to become English. After spending some time with Zane, Katie had to fight her feelings for yet another Englisher.

I was wondering why an Englisher would be welcome in the Fisher home. There are at least two reasons. Katie’s dad agreed to have Zane live with his family to raise money for his wife Ruth’s cancer treatments. It was easy to see he truly loved his wife. He was hoping the exposure would bring people and their money to their community. I liked Ruth and I couldn’t wait to discover if she was cancer free or not. It was sad to read about Ruth and her having to deal with the effects of surgery and chemotherapy to get rid of the cancer. Another reason is Englisher-soon-to-be-Amish Annie Hamilton. Annie is a minor character in this story. She was introduced in the first book in the Clover Ridge Novels, Saving Gideon. Now that I’ve read Katie’s Choice and about her and Gideon’s meeting I want to read their story in Saving Gideon.

Zane lived on a cooperative as a child. The members of that community were not much different from the Amish – except there was no mention of God. They both lived off the land. So it wasn’t hard to see how Zane easily worked on the Fisher farm.

Zane was raised by agnostic parents. His world was turned upside down by the way the Fisher’s lived out their faith. It was obvious the family loved God. Katie Rose lived for God. She saw Him in everything. I like how Zane discovered God in a way that wasn’t pushed down his throat because that would have never worked for him.

There were a few negatives about this story. Part of the ending felt rushed. This same part also seemed to be written differently than the rest of the story. Monica, Zane’s fiancée, had an unbelievable reaction to more than one situation that affected her life. One was when Zane decided to no longer have an intimate relationship with her. The other was when she discovered if Zane was or wasn’t in love with her. Readers may find it questionable that an Amish woman and an English man would be attracted to one another. Overall, it was a good read. I enjoyed this story so much I found it hard to put down.

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I received a free copy of this book from B & H Publishing and The Christian Manifesto in exchange for my honest review.

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