Treasury Of Joy And Inspiration by Readers Digest

Readers Digest has condensed 90 years of publishing into one volume. In this book, numerous authors tell true tales of inspiration. With their writing, they will change your perspective on life for the better. 

There were three stories that I truly enjoyed reading - Shall We Dance?, The Gold-and-Ivory Tablecloth, and Letter in the Wallet. In Shall We Dance? Neil Simon discovered if his mother really danced with George Burns when she was 16 years old. In The Gold-and-Ivory Tablecloth A husband and wife are reunited by a tablecloth purchased at an auction. In Letter in the Wallet A man finds a wallet with a letter dated 1924 that leads him on a quest to find its owner. 

Most of the stories are quick reads. I recognized a lot of the authors, such as Helen Keller and Alex Haley. There were only a few stories that I really couldn’t get into due to the style of writing. They were at the beginning which made me question if I would like this book. But I can tell you that the rest of the book was enjoyable.

If you like reading stories that are uplifting be sure to check out Treasury of Joy and Inspiration.

I received a free copy of this book from FSBMedia and Readers Digest in exchange for my honest review.

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