Sunflower Summer by Evangeline Kelley

This story begins one year after sisters Caroline Marris, Gracie Gold, and Sam Carter became owners of the Misty Harbor Inn. They open for business and welcome guests to the inn an into their lives.

Caroline was always so sure of what she wanted out of her life. Now that she is part owner of the inn and George, a lifelong friend, has stopped talking to her, she doesn’t know what to make of anything.

Sam thought that she would miss teaching more than she does. She discovers something that she really enjoys doing after moving to Nantucket.

Gracie has some decisions to make. She is pulled between her beloved home and children in another state and her responsibilities at the inn.

Through all the ins and outs of running an inn the sisters learn to get along better than they ever imagined. They also learn a little more about Hannah Montague, a previous owner of the inn, and the mystery surrounding her.

This is a light, clean and inspiring read. You won’t get bogged down reading about heavy issues. I think you’ll feel like you may even want to visit Nantucket and the charming Misty Harbor Inn. It’s an enjoyable escape where you’re sure there will be a happy ending.

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I received a free copy of this book from The Christian Manifesto and Guideposts in exchange for my honest review.

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