A Hopeful Heart by Amy Clipston

Amish widow Hannah Glick worked as a housekeeper at the Lancaster Grand Hotel. That’s where she met Trey Peterson, a widowed Englisher staying there while searching for a house to buy in the area. They had an instant bond after they talked and found there was finally someone who understood the loneliness from losing a spouse.

Joshua, Hannah’s brother-in-law and business partner, had four years to express his love for her but didn’t decide to do so until he saw her interest in Trey. He cared deeply for her and her children, sixteen year old twins Amanda and Lillian, and ten year old Andrew.

Hannah’s life got complicated when Joshua and Trey both asked her to marry them. This story is about the struggle Hannah has deciding if she should stay Amish and marry Joshua or leave all she has even known and marry Trey.

Hannah’s twins, Lillian and Amanda have there own concerns trying to find their place in the world and have some difficulty with choices they have to make.

Some readers may have trouble with the love at first sight aspect of this story, especially since it’s between and Amish woman and English man. This personally didn’t bother me and I found myself rooting for Hannah to find love again.

As I was reading A Hopeful Heart I could feel the attraction between Hannah and Trey and I appreciate in was done in a clean way. There is also a lot of talk about the characters’ faith and use of Biblical scripture that helped guide their lives. They were following their hearts while discovering if it was God’s will.

Amy Clipston is one of my favorite authors. Once I start one of her books I usually can’t put it down until I’m totally finished reading it. She has done great job of writing another clean romance from a Christian perspective.

Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel Series
A Hopeful Heart
A Mother's Secret - to be released April 2014 

I received a free copy of this book from Zondervan and The Christian Manifesto in exchange for my honest review

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