Seaside Harmony by Evangeline Kelley

When single sisters Caroline Marris, Gracie Gold, and Sam Carter came together for a vacation on Nantucket Island they never imagined it would change the course of their lives.

Caroline flies by the seat of her pants, Gracie is almost too grounded, and Sam is stuck being their peacemaker. They do finally agree on something – to fulfill their deceased mother’s wish and buy Misty Harbor Inn on the island and turn it into a Bed & Breakfast.

The sisters discover a mystery about the inn and one of it’s previous owners that they are determined to solve. As the story continues, Caroline, Gracie and Sam explore Nantucket and meet new friends. It makes the reader feel like they are also getting to know the area from way it is described.

There is nothing too deep or serious in this story. It is an enjoyable light read. The sister’s love for each other always wins in the end. No two siblings are alike and that is portrayed well in this book. I guess the only unbelievable part would deal with Caroline and George. They had been friends for thirty years, best friends at that. I find it unbelievable that they would continue to stay just friends that long without marrying.

This series is very similar to The Tales from Grace Chapel Inn series. This is a clean, uplifting story that will have you rooting for the sisters to work out their differences and take ownership of the inn.

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I received a free copy of this book from The Christian Manifesto and Guideposts in exchange for my honest review.

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