BookReview The Guardian by Beverly Lewis

BookReview The Guardian by Beverly LewisEnglisher Jodi Winfield had a heart full of grief. She lost her sister, Karen, to cancer six months before and was struggling. She also lost her relationship with God, Jodi was mad about Karen's death. Her parents continually reminded her that they were praying for her. As did her fiancé, Trent Norton. Jodi had stopped praying all together

Amish Maryanna Esh was also grief-stricken. Her husband, Benuel, had
died three years ago. She had no plans of remarrying. Recently though,  she did see her neighbor, Joshua Peachey, in a new light. Maryanna was trusting God for all that she needed to make it without Benuel. When her four year old daughter Sarah went missing, she continued to trust God for her little girl's safety. Jodi was the answer to her prayers.

Jodi found the lost Sarah and took her Hickory Hollow to her family. Jodi enjoyed the slow paced way of life there. It was a refreshing break from all the despair and regret she was feeling. When Maryanna insisted that Jodi stay for dinner, her life slowly began to take a turn for the better.

It was interesting to learn that there is a genetic disorder among the Amish from generations of intermarrying. I have wondered about such things but never looked into it. The dialect of the Amish in this book is also interesting. I think Tricia Goyer is the only other author I've read to use it in her books. They use words like "' 'bout " for "about" and " perty " for "pretty". It was annoying at first but by the end of the book it wasn't as bothersome.

I read the first book in the series, The Fiddler, and I did not care for it at all. The Guardian, on the other hand, is book I would recommend reading. The story flows back and forth between points of view from Jodi and Maryanna. They were both struggling with romantic relationships and God's leading in their lives. The Guardian tells the stories of Jodi and Maryanna moving on to the lives God had planned for them. God put people in their paths to help them do this. The Guardian is about trusting God's will for our lives.
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I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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