A Mother's Promise by Anna Schmidt

Mennonite Widow Rachel Kaufmann promised her 12 year old son Justin that everything would work out when they moved to Florida. But for Justin nothing seemed to be going his way. He no longer attended a Mennonite school, friends were hard to find, and his mother worked a lot of hours.

Rachel was sure God her sent to work as Chaplain Assistant at the local hospital. But seeing Justin struggling, she realized things needed to change – again. But her faith in God kept her going and showed through all she did.

On the other hand, Dr. Ben Booker had more faith in the medical field than he did in God. He didn’t go to church or even pray, which was odd for the son of a minister.

Rachel and Ben are people that you can’t help but like. Rachel was a very sweet, gentle person and sympathetic toward others. Ben also was very caring towards his patients. They both touched the lives of everyone they met. I found this interesting because they did it for different reasons – Rachel did it because she had a love of God in her heart and Ben had a love for humanity. Their care for others caused them to become friends who, surprisingly even to themselves, became attracted to one another.

The Shepard family, Zeke, and hospital co-workers were minor characters that added to the storyline. The author gave enough info about them for the reader to discover what made them tick and want to learn more about their lives.

This was a story of coming to grips with the past and moving on to the future that God has planned. If you aren’t familiar with the way Mennonites live, you will learn about the group from reading this story. This is the third book in the Women Of Pinecraft Series. It can be read without reading the other two. I would recommend checking them out though. I read Book #1, A Stranger’s Gift, and really liked it. I read part of Book #2, A Sister’s Forgiveness, and it looks to be just as good as the others.

I enjoyed reading this book and didn’t want to put it down. Although I question if the ending would really turn out the way it did as some parts of it wrapped up too quickly and easily at the end. This why I gave it 4.5 stars. Overall, I really liked this story and would recommend the book to fans of Religious and Amish Fiction. 

I received a free copy of this book from The Christian Manifesto and Barbour Publishing for my honest review.

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