Though Mountains Fall by Dale Cramer

This is not a typical Amish story. The Amish men weren’t out in the fields whistling as they worked while the women were inside having a quilting bee. Life was hard and dangerous in Mexico. The Amish in Paradise Valley lived in fear of bandits that would destroy anyone and anything to get what they wanted. Mexican soldiers called federales came to Paradise Valley and rid the area of the bandits. Sadly, the only difference between the bandits and the federales was that they didn’t kill to get what they want. 

This story is full of love, hate, heartache, pain, death, action, romance, and so much more. Caleb’s daughters Miriam, Rachel, and Emma’s lives took turns in directions that were not fully expected. The Amish settlers in Paradise Valley quickly discovered that there were God’s laws and there were man’s laws. Though Mountains Fall is about a community of believers, as a group and individuals, discovering where God was leading them while they were holding steadfast to His ways.

This wonderfully told story starts with the first book in The Daughters Of Caleb Bender series, Paradise Valley, and continues in The Captive Heart. In the first book, Caleb Bender and his family go to Paradise Valley, Mexico so they can school their children as they choose. I haven’t read Paradise Valley yet, but I plan on reading it soon. Having not read the first book had no effect on my understanding all that occurred in this action-filled story. I would highly recommend reading it. I couldn’t wait to read Though Mountains Fall to learn more of what happened to Caleb, his family, and the Amish settlement. I was not disappointed. I would recommend reading all the books in this series, not just Though Mountains Fall.

I received a free copy of this book from The Christian Manifesto and Bethany House for my honest review.

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