Taste Of Home

This is a picture of the first issue of the Taste Of Home magazine. It premiered in 1993 and is still going strong. I am excited to own this issue and every one that has been published ever since. 

Before I ever heard of the Taste Of Home magazine I was given copies of it by my Aunt C and really enjoyed reading it. My mother-in-law found out how much I liked the magazine so she started a subscription for me in 2000. 

About a year ago my Aunt C gave me all of her issues of Taste Of Home. She was there from the beginning. That's how I now happily own the first issue. This is my favorite magazine to read. It's like getting a mini cookbook every couple months. And I read cookbooks like they are novels!

Visit www.tasteofhome.com to find recipes and see all that Taste Of Home has to offer.

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