AllThingsVintage Lipstick Matchbook

AllThingsVintage Lipstick Matchbook Outside
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AllThingsVintage Lipstick Matchbook Inside
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My mother gave this to me. It was in a house that my parents bought to flip and sell. The metal item that says "Hi" on it is a compact mirror, which actually works quite well. I've had this for several years
and didn't even know that it was a mirror because it was in the package backwards. I didn't discover the "Hi" until today. I had this sitting on a shelf in the bathroom of our old house. My kids (when they were younger) may have put the "Hi" there but I'm hoping it's from the original owner and I'm not going to wipe it off. The back says it's from THE LIPMATCH CO. LTD. MONTREAL, CANADA. I could not find anything out there about the company or the matchbook.

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  1. Hi! I actually have a similar lipstick set and it's also from the 1940's :)

    1. It is such a fun piece of history!